☆ No one will ever have as much of an impact on your child's life as their own ideas do. You will help them live successful, happy lives by showing them how to speak more positively to themselves. ☆

An art therapist, teacher and graphic designer all worked together to design this book with you in mind! You can see more and also purchase it directly from Amazon in your country. CLICK to see more.

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INSTANTLY ELEVATE YOUR SPACE! Printable art is an affordable and easy way to personalize your interiors with high-quality art that can fit multiple frame sizes.


"Design is like photography, it can freeze in time moving pictures which can provoke in you an entire world of memories and feelings which you forgot about. "

Martina, the author 

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Choose one or entire sets of 3 nursery printable wall arts! Perfect nursery décor for your child's room and a great gift for baby shower. It is created with love and will be customized just for you.

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Looking for the perfect wall art for your child’s playroom or kids play space? This is it! Download and choose from multiple print sizes to make for the perfect décor for any wall and room in your home!

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About DeerBoho design

Our vision is to give YOU a special warm and conforming feeling through our illustration work. That feeling which comes from a place of innocence, possibilities, hope and wonder. You may have had it in your childhood or in your dream. You may have heard about it in some story. But one thing is for sure... THE PLACE IS REAL. And every time you touch, see, hear and smell certain things you will go back there. We hope to give you glimpse of that world each time you own our designed item.

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Website SHOP is still in construction but we do accept  commissions. For any questions  you can DM us or send us an email.

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Multiply ways! You can click on icons for email or Instagram, you can click Subscribe button or SEND WITH SPEED OF 1000 WILD DEERS button.

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All  these designs can be purchase as a digital work for personal use.  The files will be delivered electronically within minutes of your order and payment.

Physical merchandise we are shipping only to Serbia but we can make an exception if necessary.

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